Application Integration

Our expertise in SAP's NetWeaver technology platform enables delivery of superior development and integration services to enterprises standardized on this platform. Sage Group can deliver an unrivaled business advantages through application integration including:

  • Better throughput with seamless integration of applications and processes 
  • Maximized performance from elimination of redundant processes 
  • Enhanced scalability through superior design 
  • Easier maintenance through robust, well-proven development processes

Our application Integration services help integrate enterprise-specific solutions with both SAP and non-SAP applications. Some of our application integration services are:

  • Web interfaces to legacy applications 
  • Integration of non-SAP applications
  • Define the integration architecture and develop the required interfaces to portal integration

" We See Our Clients
as a group of highly dedicated,
competent and committed individuals
working to solve real and important
organization problems or to pursu
e new opportunities, but who
occasionally are short of time,
lack some specialized knowledge
or process, or are in need of an
alternative perspective which
leads them to call on
our assistance..."

    Service Offerings

  • Business Due Diligence, Process Optimization, Transformation Planning and Execution
  • ERP Implementation, Upgrades, Integration, Staff Augmentation
  • Enterprise application
  • Application development
  • Offsite services
  • Accelerators and Tools
  • Competency centers
  • Tools, Methods and
    Best Practices
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