Educational Services

From skill levels to size and locations, each organization is unique in terms of the variety of training programs as well as the number of people being trained. Whether you are looking for training options for few people or a hundred people in your organization, Sage Group can deliver a custom built training program to educate business users and technical teams.

Sage Group sets the standard in generating custom materials and educating end users during and after implementation. In addition, our experienced consultants empower you with efficient, professional documentation and a higher level of confidence.

We believe that for in-depth, hands-on technical knowledge, there is no substitute for instructor-led classroom training. We offer hundreds of technical and business application courses as well as certification programs to increase knowledge and improve skills.

" We See Our Clients
as a group of highly dedicated,
competent and committed individuals
working to solve real and important
organization problems or to pursu
e new opportunities, but who
occasionally are short of time,
lack some specialized knowledge
or process, or are in need of an
alternative perspective which
leads them to call on
our assistance..."

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