Reliable Monitoring

Most Organizations need tools to manage operations and grow their businesses after their ERP systems implementations. Now is the need for a composite view of business applications. Sage Group has developed a Business Process Monitoring solutions on SAP to provide reliable monitoring of business processes.

Introducing HRMonitor™
The First Business Process Monitor targeted to provide realiable information about some key performance indicators of the business operation.

SAP HR promotes best practices and allows integration of different HR areas. But implementing HR best practices is not good enough for ensuring successful completion of business processes. HR leadership would like to have reliability of information and at the same time Manage Business by monitoring some key performance indicators of their Business operations, via trend analysis and alerts, for example, timely disable benefits upon termination of employee. Our solution is a real time, metrics based, role based, dashboard and a scorecard based solution. HRMonitor can help in Role Transformation of HR organizations from administration (Keepers of Data records) to Strategic Focus. Especially if administrative functions are outsourced, having a solution to Monitor Business Controls in real time helps in measuring and thus assuring service levels.

Our HR Process Monitor:

  • Ensures that proper HR business controls are in place in the organization.
  • Ensures reliable monitoring to manage HR processes including compliance in SAP R/3.
  • It is available in SAP R/3 or portal based environment.
  • Integrates with any HR business function application not implemented in SAP.

" We Strive to develop or find
the best tools, techniques, models,
guides, theories etc. available.
In collaboration with leaders in the field, we adapt and adjust our services to
respond to the ever-changing needs
of our clients and only encourage
their use when we have become
convinced that they will work.."

    Business focus

  • End-to-end solutions provider of ERP and e-commerce applications
  • Focus on SMB for scaleable solutions & Application Management
  • Unique global cost effective resourcing model-onsite/offsite
  • Domain knowledge of key business processes
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