SAP Implementations and Upgrades

Sage Group is a leading provider of services that cover all aspects of SAP. Specializing in helping clients use SAP to its full potential, Sage Group uses agility to your advantage, giving you exactly the skills and resources you need to get the job done quickly.

We are a dynamic, highly skilled and experienced group of SAP specialists who extend your company's capabilities and resources; fill in the gaps to help you catch up and move forward; speed projects to success; supplement your current staff with expertise to make the entire team more effective; and save you money in increased efficiency.

What truly differentiates Sage Group is our process-oriented approach to SAP implementations. We integrate Business Process Transformation, Enhancement and Process Improvement practices as a part of our implementation approach.

Sage group Implementation Services includes:

  • SAP implementation strategy and planning
  • Full life-cycle SAP application implementation
  • End User training and support

SAP Upgrade Services

At Sage Group, we believe SAP customers must leverage their technology infrastructure and in-house SAP R/3 skills for the upgrade project.

Our Upgrade Services leverage the experience of our SAP professionals, enhanced SageSure™ methodology and unique tools by:

  • Drafting an upgrade plan that incorporates your business, organizational and operational requirements and supports your overall IT strategy.
  • Helping you determine the most appropriate upgrade and support products based on your business needs and the delta between your current system and the new releases.
  • Allowing you to quickly assess technical implications and identify potential roadblocks.
  • Streamlining the technical and functional changes needed in SAP R/3 systems due to version upgrades, backed by a well-honed testing strategy

" We See Our Clients
as a group of highly dedicated,
competent and committed individuals
working to solve real and important
organization problems or to pursu
e new opportunities, but who
occasionally are short of time,
lack some specialized knowledge
or process, or are in need of an
alternative perspective which
leads them to call on
our assistance..."

    Service Offerings

  • Business Due Diligence, Process Optimization, Transformation Planning and Execution
  • ERP Implementation, Upgrades, Integration, Staff Augmentation
  • Enterprise application
  • Application development
  • Offsite services
  • Accelerators and Tools
  • Competency centers
  • Tools, Methods and
    Best Practices
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